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We only can justify our unusually high requirements in terms of the quality of our creations by making highest demands against each stage of production. Our internationally trained and experienced designer sketches all models for herself and manufactures also the prototypes according to strictest requirements at a correct fit, the wearing comfort and the selection of noblest materials. Only if a prototype fulfils all these requirements, it is released for production.

The production takes place in our own manufactory by top skilled workers in manual work by very old English technical tradition and under permanent quality control.

Naturally, faithfully our maxim, only the noblest fabrics and high quality materials are used. Only corsets without any faults, which went through a detailed locking examination, are available for sale.

Only this gapless quality management ensures the durable success of our large model selection classical, modern and combined forms and makes our corsets and accessories so exclusive and one-of-a-kind. Therefore we vouch with our name.