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Revanche de la femme is prominent since 1999 in the range of high quality corsets. These become supplemented by suitable Accessories as e.g. skirts, boleros or stolas. For our more than 40 different cuts we use over 80 noble materials, which are manufactured in traditional weaving mills in Italy, France and England, partially exclusively made for us. Further we use no plastics for our corsets, but excluding high quality flexible and stainless metal. Beside this our products are characterised by their very exact fit, as well as by the precise, complex and fastidious processing.

We present our products very successfully at regional and international trade fairs like Wallau, Lyon and Paris. Beside our worldwide activity as manufacturer and wholesale dealer we are running two showrooms in the heart of Berlin, since 2003 also a large flagship store directly in the town centre.

With the help of our international diploma Designer Elena Krebs we are able to fulfil your personal clothe desires. For this reason more and more prominent people, politicians and persons of the public life are opting for our products.

Would you like to benefit of our fashion, please stop by at our Showrooms. We would be pleased to advise you.