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- The corset has to be put on from the rear side around the body

- Before this the lacing in the back should be disperse widely so you can put on the corset without any problems and close the hooks in the front

- For tightening without any assistance we recommend to begin with the second hook from the downside, then close hook for hook upward and finally close the lowest hook.

- If you have a person to assist, it is recommended to close the upper hook first. The lower ends of the corset become subsequently, taken firmly into both hands. Push both hands together, so the hooks from the top to bottom nearly automatically fall each into one other. Therefore the plugs with eyes have to be pushed through.

- The loosely sitting corset should now be pushed to the most pleasant position.

- The lacing takes place in several passages in easy courses. Never use snaps tying courses. Hereby the fabric and the skip are heated up, this causes damage. The cord is to be strained from above to the centre and from downside to the centre. Use this procedure several times without force until the corset is close to the body.

- For a reduction of your waist you can now tightening the loops firmly

- Check again whether the hook border sits vertically and you feel comfortable with the corset

- Interlock the loops into a firm bow

- As soon as the corset sits perfectly you can cut off the lower ends of the cord, which down-hang at the bottom of the corset.

- Please note: you have to wear a corset for a while so it can adapt to your body. For the first time do not overdo the lacing. For the first time a feeling of tightness can occur. After some times this impression should diminish, if not, the corset is tied too closely. The corset will adapt to the body and becomes softer with the time. This always applies: You have to feel comfortable in a corset at any time.